Self-draining legionella filters

We offer a filter system against Legionella, with a worldwide recognized patent for water free of bacteria


Our innovative solution to the problem of Legionella comes in the form of a special self-cleaning membrane filter which is installed into the pipe system. (Available in all sizes and for all specifications)This revolutionary system UF ensures that nothing bigger than 0.03 of a micron can travel along or embed itself in the water pipes. Essentially the filter acts as a barrier, blocking any impurities in the water.(Legionella, Pseudomonas, biomas, sand, mud etc.) 

This innovative system UF (Ultra-filtration) can be installed at the starting point of the water system for an entire building,( for the hot water pipes) or just for singular installment for individual showers, sinks etc. 

By installing the filter in the bottom of a boiler, all the hot water will be filtered 100% from Legionella and other bacteria, the latter only needing to be in the system once before it is totally removed by the filter. Another advantage to our innovative system UF is that any sediment such as mud, sand, rust, algae, which can deposit in the pipe system or boiler, is continually removed without any waste of energy and without added chemicals. Consequently one can reduce and even prevent the proliferation of biofilm which can form in the pipes.(This biofilm consisting of different microorganisms can grow on the inside walls of water pipes, in a bed of infected excretion and sludge) Our membrane filters are therefore suitable for use in hospitals, care homes, hotels, factories, schools, campsites, horticultural centres, and for humidifiers, cooling towers, air conditioning systems, heating pumps etc

Video Ultrafiltration Process
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