Ion Scale Buster – Galvanic water treatment

Scale Buster - Galvanic water treatment to prevent corrosion and lime scale problems
Ion Scale Buster

The galvanic water treatment: No external electricity! No magnets! A self-cleaning zinc sacrificial anode system, which guards water pipes and water systems against corrosion and lime scale build-up. This is the environmentally acceptable alternative to chemicals for drinking water and industrial water systems.

More than 35,000 units already in operation.

Ion Scale Buster
Ion Scale Buster
Construction and Operation

The ION Scale-Buster is a zinc sacrificial anode system, incorporated into the water circulation system. The zinc anode treats the entire volume of water in the targeted system. The integrated Teflon turbulence sections are non-stick and with the turbulence effects assure the self-cleaning characteristic of the ION Scale-Buster. The Teflon turbulence chambers also create cavitation.This improves the precipitation effects of scale particles. The patented construction of the ION Scale-Buster assures enduring active performance.

A galvanic element is created (? 1 volt), when the ION Scale-Buster comes into contact with an electrolyte (water). In this process, the zinc anode (serving as the pre-destined sacrificial target in the treated water system) is sacrificed (dissolved) at a very slow rate due to its patented dry electrical connection. That means that the corrosion only takes place on the anode and not in the pipes nor any of the other installations.