Acquaspar – Water Solutions & Technologies

We have the solution using the latest technology

We are a company specialising in the treatment of water for public and industrial use and our three main objectives are the following: The first is to resolve the problem of Legionella without the use of any chemical products by using instead self-cleaning, anti-bacterial (therefore anti-Legionella) filters. These are special membrane filters which are capable of filtering out as little as 0.03 microns from the water; this means that our filters fall into the range of “Ultra-filtration”. The filters can be installed in cold water pipes serving the water system of a building, in the hot water pipes for bathroom usage and can also be installed for independent usage. The second is to reduce effectively the problem of limescale and rust build up inside pipes using our Scale Buster; a system based on a process of Galvanic electrolysis. Installation of the Scale Buster in already existing metal pipes also reduces the risk of perforation or bursting of the latter due to corrosion. The third regards the issue of saving water and consequently the saving of energy. To avoid waste of water and energy we supply products of the highest quality which guarantee a constant, regular flow of water for showers, and water basins especially in buildings of more than one floor where poor, uneven flow of water is often a problem. These water flow regulators (branded Mannesmann) are also self-cleaning and guarantee along with other products in the same range a simple and efficient solution to a problem which if not tackled pushes up considerably consumption and energy costs.