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Point of use Medical Water Filters

Tap and Shower Filters in Sterile Class series


Not only in high-risk areas such as critical wards, intensive care units and operating theaters, but also in the medium-risk areas like kitchens, changing and patient rooms. One of the main concerns is the risk of bacterial infections which can be caused by microbiologically contaminated shower and tap water. Waterborne pathogens can accumulate in biofilm located within the plumbing system, even if a hospital disinfects water at the point-of-entry.

Filtri antibatterici terminali monouso Filtri antibatterici terminali monouso

The pathogens can then be transmitted to patients when the water is used for their care. Acquaspar, a specialist in water purification solutions, offers a complete range of point-of-use membrane filters for shower heads and taps/faucets. These are specifically designed for use in healthcare facilities

Acquaspar "Medical Tap Filters" with a validated lifetime of 92 days, offers protection against legionella in high-risk areas where there is risk of waterborne infection. It provides reliable and easy protection at the last possible moment before patient and staff contact.


Materials and operating specifications:

- 0,20 micron microfiltration membranes

- > log 7 reduction of bacteria and fungi >log4

- Valid for 92 days

- Filters have the CE Medical mark

- Sterile packaging available

- Tracking and tracing label

- Non-return valve prevents contamination during replacement

- Operating temperature, min. 0°C; max. 60°C (70°C for 30 min. within five week duration )


Standard Filter

Standard Filter Models

Sterile Filter

Sterile Filter Models

Instruction manual

Instruction manual